There's so many items that I've made and contributed to that I'd love to share them with you......

I had the pleasure of helping out with this amazing Steampunk outfit (still work in progress!) 

Skull flowers.....why not?! Made to sell at a craft fair and all sold..

From April 2020, I made over 300 face masks and raised over £1300 for the NHS.  Using my scraps and donations of fabric.

In The Skull Shed, making of custom cushion covers for VanLife Conversions.

Alice in Wonderland headband hat! Especially for a ladies Hen Party, one of a kind!

I've made a lot of PowerTex items for custom orders, including this anchor house number.

Here's me in The Skull Shed! I spend a lot of time in here!  It's warm and cosy and very full, but I know where everything is!

PowerTex is so versatile.  These gorgeous shoes are wearable and unique.  Jackets and waistcoats, hats, all available.  How about something special for your wedding day or special event?