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The Skull Shed - The Cutting Shed

The Skull Shed arrived in 2016, to house my crafts and my collection of ornamental skulls, hence the name, 'The Skull Shed'.

The shed came from Ace Sheds in Kent and then built, insulated and decorated by my husband and myself, with a few helping hands along the way!

It's not a secret that I'm a bit of a hoarder, so The Skull Shed is now quite busy and full of craft supplies!

The Cutting Shed is the new extension!  Supplied and built by the same company.  I'm in the process of insulating it, boarding it out, adding electrics and then decorating it.  I'll be building a custom cutting table for me (I'm only short!) a sewing table, desk and foam storage area for custom orders.

I thought I'd upload photos of the progress on here so you can see where I work from!  If you've got any fantastic storage ideas or sewing hacks, please get in touch!!!

Gallery of The Skull Shed & The Cutting Shed